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Fowler Tools / Fowler High Precision
Fowler Tools / Fowler High Precision
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Fowler High Precision, (formerly called the Fred V. Fowler Company), is located in Newton, Massachusetts and founded by Fred Fowler in 1946. The Fowler Slogan: Fowler Tools and Instruments - A standard of quality and accuracy. Fowler has 2 product ranges: the first being high-end measuring equipment from the US and Europe: Bowers, Sylvac, Trimos, Wyler and several more.  They also have an excellent economy line that is visible in the Fowler Tool-A-Thon.  All Fowler products are on sale now! is Fowler factory certified.

We carry all Fowler Tools!  If you would like a quote or need help finding a Fowler Gage call (888)978-9873 or email us.   

  Check out the Fowler Tool-A-Thon for more great Fowler deals!
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54-188-777-0 Fowler Tool Master Lite 50 Taper Tool Presetter
Fowler's new 54-188-777-0 improved 50 Taper Tool Presetter is on sale at! The TPR Seri..
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