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  • High-accuracy inspection of pin and plug gages and other tight-tolerance parts such as medical and aerospace
  • Ultra-high accuracy: ±0.5μm linearity for entire range
  • Statistical calculation mode
  • Ultra-high repeatability of ±0.05μm
  • Data output to PC or other external devices from display unit
Measuring range .004 - 1.0” (0.1 - 25mm)
Resolution .000001 to .0005” (0.00001 to 0.01mm) [Selectable]
Repeatability*1 ± .000002” (±0.05μm)*2
Linearity*1 Whole range ± .00002” (±0.5μm)*3
Linearity*1 Small range ± (.000012 + .0001 D)” [ D:inch]*3 *4 ±(0.3 + 0.1 D)μm [ D:mm]*3 *4
Positional error*1 *5 ± .000020" (±0.5μm)
Measuring region ± .6 x 1.0" (±1.5 x 25mm)*6
Number of scans 800/sec
Laser wavelength 650nm [Visible LD], 1.5mW (peak)
Laser scanning speed 2240"/sec (56m/sec)
Display Fluorescent display 16-digit + 11 digit, Guidance LEDs
Measuring function*7 Segment designation 1 to 7 (1 to 3 for Transparent material)
Edge designation 1 to 255
Averaging method Simple averaging 1 to 2048 Moving averaging: 32 to 2048
  Tolerance judgement (GO,±NG); Multi-limit judgement (7 classes); Offset/
Zero-set; Abnormal data elimination; Automatic workpiece detection;
Reference value setting; Data output condition;
Laser power deterioration; Sample measurement; Statistical
processing; Dual-program measurement; Automatic measurement using
edge mode; Workpiece position display; Transparent object measuring;
Key-lock function; mm/inch changeover;
Dual-gage calibration; Selection of resolution; Judgement in ready state;
Display of a comma to mark the thousandths position; Mastering; Nonedisplay
unnecessary digits; Group judgement
Scanning signal monitor connector Provided as standard (with the plug)
Remote interlock connector Provided as standard (with the plug)
Powerswitch Key switch used
Built-in interface RS-232C; Foot switch connector; I/O analog interface
Optional interface: DCU slot Digimatic code output unit (2-ch)
Optional interface: Expansion slot (1-slot) 2nd I/O analog I/F; BCD I/F; GP-IB I/F;
Power supply AC 100V - 240V±10%, 50/60Hz, 40VA

*1 Accuracy inspection environment/Temperature 20°C±1°C, Humidity: 50%±10%.
*2 The repeatability is determined by the value for ±2o- at the measurement interval of 1.28 sec.
*3 Specified at the center of the measurement region.
*4 D: Diameter difference to master gage.
*5 An error due to workpiece shift either in the optical axis direction or in the scanning direction.
*6 The area given by [measuring range on the optical axis] x [measuring range in the scanning direction.]
*7 The combination of functions is limited, details are described in the user’s manual.

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544-496A Mitutoyo LSM-902/6900 Ultra-High Accuracy Laser Scan Micrometer

  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • Product Code: 544-496A
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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  • $12,200.00
  • $10,980.00

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