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Gaging.com LLC was founded in late 2002 by Monty Abrams.  Our first two product lines were Barcor Inc and Fred Fowler Co. In 2012, Chris Yost became a full partner. Together, we have over 50 years experience working with metrology products such as calibration gages, inclinometers, height gages, CMM's, SPC software & hardware and numerous other products.

Previously we both served as Technical Directors of the Fred Fowler Company from 1977-2011. We've trained hundreds of users on gaging products and have had articles published in several trade magazines. We sell quality products that you will be happy to own and we back these products up with quality service & support that you can always count on. Please contact either of us if we can ever be of service to you.

United States

All of our reps have extensive experience and knowledge with measurement and with sales.

At Gaging.com, we're committed to providing our clients with the finest products at low prices, backed by excellent product support and service.

Our Mission:

1) Maintain high professional standards
2) Bring our dedication and integrity to this industry
3) Provide after-sales training and resource support to our customers
4) Foster relationships to channel new ideas into action
5) Market only the finest metrology products
6) Remain customer-focused at all times

We strive to maintain a level of excellence so high, that you won't bother to look any further for your gaging supplier.