Fowler Bowers Ultima Bore Gage

Fowler Bowers Ultima Bore Gage

Featuring Bowers' historic quality and ULTRA high-accuracy the  ULTIMA Bore Gauging System is the next generation of Bower's famous Super-Bore line.


Ultima Bore Gage Special features:

  • Greater accuracy
  • Utilizes Bowers' "FASTFIT" measuring heads
  • Setting rings manufactured to DIN Standard 2250 part 2.
  • Extended head ranges (above 14mm) for greater flexibility and cost-effective measurement.
  • All 2-6mm sets supplied as standard with depth-stop.

Special Features:

  • Measuring range:.078"-12.3"/2-310mm
  • Resolution: .00001"/.0001mm
  • Constant spring pressure ensures top repeatability.
  • Positive feel when heads self-centre in the bore.
  • Fastfit measuring heads for rapid replacement.
  • UKAS certificates standard for all measuring heads.
  • UKAS certificates standard for all setting rings.
  • Ceramic anvils on heads above .472"/12mm
  • Blind-bore measurement standard above .472"/12mm
  • Possible to connect several probe holders to one single readout to measure different bore sizes at one measuring station
  • The complete range of Bowers special heads are available for the Ultima (grooves, threads,splines, deep-bores etc.)
  • Depth stops available for all heads.