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The MK2-6-C-SG-PCM Fowler FUSION MARK 2 Manual CNC CMM - (X) 640mm x (Y) 600mm x (Z) 500mm, Solid Granite Table is on sale at Gaging.com. Measure Smarter!

MARK 2 - Manual
The complete inspection system

Fast, accurate and reliable, the MARK 2 CMM comes in four different sizes with Y axis travel up to 1500mm. Available as either a manual machine or with full CNC control, the MARK 2 can be used with touch trigger probe, or continuous contact scanning probe.

The all aluminium bridge structure not only ensures that the Mark 2 has low inertia and hence high acceleration to get the job done quickly, but also that the temperature of the machine rapidly follows the temperature of the room, ideal when the CMM is not housed in a controlled environment. Temperature compensation in the software reports results as if they had been measured at 20°C/68°F. The standard high-tech granite and aluminium table, originally developed for the optics industry, provides fantastic natural damping of high frequency vibration and the granite Y rail allows pre-loading of the bridge air bearings in both directions for superior accuracy.
Another unique feature of the MARK 2 is that manual machines can be easily upgraded to CNC at any point in the future, which is great if you are not sure of your requirement or perhaps can’t initially justify the additional cost of a CNC machine.


  • Easy to use, shortest learning curve of any equivalent system
  • Y axis sizes ranging from 600mm to 1500mm
  • Optimized friction free air bearings, aluminium bridge and granite table
  • Free software upgrades
  • Smallest overall footprint of any comparable size CMM
  • Perfect for the workshop environment
  • Probe options, TP8 or MH20i

MARK 2 Manual CMM Options:

  • Touch Screen Joystick
  • Industrial Joystick
  • Auto Temperature Compensation
  • CCD Camera System
  • Dual Monitor
  • Fixture Kit
  • Collimated Back Light Option
Technical Specifications  
Axis Travel (mm): X 640
Y 600, 900, 1200, 1500
Z 500
Overall Size (mm): X 1130
Y 900, 1200, 1500, 1800
Z 2320
*Volumetric Accuracy: TP20    (2.4 + 0.4L/100)µm
TP200  (2.3 + 0.4L/100)µm
SP25M  (2.1 + 0.4L/100)µm
Scale Resolution: 0.5µm
**Optimum Temp Range: 18 - 22°C
Operational Temp Range: 0 - 45°C
Table: Honeycomb Aluminum and Granite or Solid Granite
Table Load Capacity: 300 kg. (Honeycomb) or 500 kg. (Solid)
Maximum Velocity Vector: 600mm/sec - CNC Units ONLY
Maximum Acceleration Vector: 600mm/sec2 - CNC Units ONLY
Air Consumption: 50 I/min (1.8 cfm)
Required Air Pressure: 4 bar (60 psi)


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MK2-6-C-SG-PCM Fowler FUSION MARK 2 Manual CNC CMM - (X) 640mm x (Y) 600mm x (Z) 500mm, Solid Granite Table

  • Brand: Fowler
  • Product Code: MK2-6-C-SG-PCM
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Availability: Call For Delivery
  • $41,505.00

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