Solarton Orbit 3 / Orbit ACS by Ametek

Solarton Orbit 3 / Orbit ACS by Ametek

Solartron Metrology by Ametek, Orbit3/ Orbit ACS - Automation and Control System is on sale at!

The Orbit3 was originally developed to provide a simple means of connecting Solartron Linear Measuring Transducers into networks by eliminating the need to use analogue transducers and amplifiers which required individual channel set up and ongoing maintenance. Calibrating the transducer and electronics as a paired unit makes the system very linear across the entire measuring range. This eliminates the need for expensive min/max gaging masters.

The system is comprised of measurement modules with and without attached transducers, controllers that provide the connection between a PC or PLC and the network, software drivers and applications for ease of data capture, specialist cables for high speed data with enhanced integrity, and various specialist power supply modules. The range is further enhanced by digital readouts and the Orbit® ACS products, both of which are ideal for small systems.

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