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The 016S3010-2DG01 Wyler 2-Axis Inclinometer BlueLEVEL-2D - Sensitivity 0.001 mm/m is on sale at  Measure Smarter!

The NEW Blue-LEVEL-2D combines for the first time two high-precision inclination sensors in a compact housing together with an integrated graphical display!


  • 2D-display shows graphically the position of an object in space, respectively the change of its position, and makes the information easily understandable
  • Rugged, rust-protected housing made of aluminium
  • High precision bases with three inserts made of sintered carbide Ø 20mm with one M4 thread each
  • Large and very easy-to-read color display
  • Various display methods can be chosen
  • All current units can be indicated
  • The instrument is compatible with the full range of WYLER digital sensors
  • Powered by standard 1.5V batteries, rechargeable batteries or with main adapters
  • The internal software allows a simple zero setting, using a reversal measurement
  • Fulfils the strict CE- / FCC requirements (immunity / emission electromagnetic smog)

New applications and facilitates the alignment of machines and tools substantially:

  • Alignment of machines in 2 directions simultaneously
  • Alignment of reference plates
  • Pitch and roll measurement on machines
  • Alignment of cranes, containers, trucks etc.
  • Monitoring of cranes, containers, trucks etc.

Other Options:

  • External power supply 24V
  • Wireless communication, based on Bluetooth technology
  • Cable to connect the instrument to a PC
  • Software to collect measuring data
  • Various attachable measuring bases on special request, like e.g. prismatic





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016S3010-2DG01 WYLER 2-Axis Inclinometer BlueLEVEL-2D - Sensitivity 0.001 mm/m

  • Brand: Wyler
  • Product Code: 016S3010-2DG01
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $11,477.00
  • $10,899.00

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