Wyler Part Number: 018F2010-XG01


BlueCLINO High Precision is based on the very successful standard BlueCLINO which has a measuring range of ±60°. This huge measuring range has opened new and interesting applications for the standard BlueCLINO as e.g. the construction of antennas or road and railroad construction. But, when it comes to the precise alignment of parts of a machine tool, the standard BlueCLINO quickly reaches its limits. This is exactly where the new BlueCLINO High Precision comes into the picture: with a measuring range of ±1° and scraped bases (left and below), this instrument provides the necessary precision for small inclinations which is required in precision machine tool building.

The BlueCLINO High Precision combines the accuracy of a BlueLEVEL with angular bases with the flexibility of a BlueCLINO. The BlueCLINO High Precision is therefore well suited for the following applications:

• Measurement and alignment of vertical guide ways
• Measurement and alignment of horizontal and vertical machine parts
• Comparison of horizontal and vertical guide ways. The comparison of a „left“ and a „right“ vertical guide way is specifically interesting with the help of the additional vertical base on the right hand side of the instrument
• Squareness-measurement


The BlueCLINO High Precision can be integrated in any BlueSYSTEM by cable or with the wireless connection with Bluetooth® BlueCLINO High Precision has the following functions and features:

• Large and very easy-to-read color display
• Various color profiles can be chosen
• Various display methods are available such as bar graphs or spirit levels can be chosen
• All current units can be indicated
• Measuring range of ±1° (corresponds to about ±18mm/m)
• High precision due to the rugged, rust-protected housing made out of cast iron with prismatic and scraped bases on the left-hand and lower side of the housing, combined with an integrated temperature compensation
• Right hand base is precision ground
• Simple zero-adjustment with the integrated software and a reversal measurement
• Built-in cross vial for easy alignment of the vertical axis in order to avoid “twist errors”
• The BlueCLINO High Precision is compatible with the full range of WYLER digital sensors
• Powered by standard 1.5 V batteries, rechargeable batteries or with mains adapter
• Fulfils the strict CE requirements (immunity against electromagnetic smog)
• The instrument can be adjusted to local gravitation


• Wireless communication, based on Bluetooth technology
• Magnetic inserts in the left hand vertical and the bottom horizontal base possible
• External power supply
• Cable to connect the instrument to a PC
• Software to collect measuring data


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018F2010-XG01 WYLER 54-825-400-1 Levels BlueCLINO High Precision

  • Brand: Wyler
  • Product Code: 018F2010-XG01
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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