Special Gages / Custom Gages

Special Gages / Custom Gages

We are Special Gage-Custom Gage experts!

We work with companies such as Bowers, Fowler, Mahr-Federal, Wyler, PMC Mercury Gage and many others to bring you special products custom made to fit your application.  Some examples include special calipers, bore gages, spline gages, groove gages, inclinometers & level sensors, thread gages, ring gages, plug gages, custom contact points and more.  If you need a custom gage quoted, call (888)978-9873 or email us!  You will not find a distributor with more special gage experience than Gaging.com!

Click here for 10-page "specials" bore gage brochure

Sample parts and prints can be sent to:
5016 Tropical Cliff Ave.
Las Vegas, NV   89130

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