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" A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!! Gaging.com's customer service is the best our company has encountered in years!  They went above and beyond in helping our company order the correct gages and software that we needed.  It was great working with them on a one-on-one basis.  Their pricing is fantastic, as is the quality of products that they carry. We strongly recommend that you do business with Gaging.com, you will be thrilled that you did."

Cody Johns
Premium Propellers & Fabrication
Quepos, Costa Rica


“Just wanted to say thanks to all the guys at Gaging.com for providing us at Northern Gauge, high-end products with excellent customer service/tech support.  Oh ya great pricing as well…”

Peter Laurensse
President / QA Manager
Northern Gauge
#240 – 120 Pembina Road
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, T8H 0M2
ISO 17025 Accredited


“Gaging.com is one of my main Suppliers for precision measuring and test equipment, because of their bottom low prices and paramount customer service, which you'll experience once you open channels with them.”

Tibor T. Torma
3M | Metrology
Advanced Materials Division


 “I deal with many vendors every day and I have to compliment Gaging.com for their outstanding service and quick response. Monty Abrams and Chris Yost are always available to not only answer my questions, but help my customers with troubleshooting of products. It is my pleasure to work with your team and I am thankful for the support, information, and every item your team assists me with each time I contact them. I am confident that each time I, or my customers contact your team for information or an order that I will receive nothing but the best that can be done. I look forward to working with the Gaging.com team for decades to come.”

Dustin Conlon
Hudson Instruments, Inc.
Westmont, Illinois


"Gaging.com sets the standad that all my other vendors are held to. Excellent prices, and somehow customer service & technical support are even better than the prices."
"First source I turn to for any measuring needs, period."

Frank Ten Broek
Manley Performance


I stumbled across Gaging.com one day while looking for a pair of Micrometer’s. I clicked on the link for Gaging.com and much to my surprise the website was littered with SWEET Savings. Well for once, the advertised prices, truly were savings. I hunted around for a few days before placing my order just price shopping, comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges to see if their so called “Best in the Business pricing “ was all that they claimed it to be . Well, I am happy to say that their prices are below what you are going to find anywhere else.

As I was placing my online order I noticed there was a Chat session in the lower right hand side of my screen. I thought to myself this will be some robot spitting out generic replies, and not a human. Much to my surprise the co-owner Chris Yost replied. I have dealt extensively with Chris and he is a very standup guy. Chris has gone out of his way to address any questions that I had, INCLUDING sending e-mails and conformation’s to me at 8pm on a Sunday night, to me that speaks for itself right there.

From the time that we found Gaging.com to now, we are a long way off from the micrometers that we intended to purchase.  After I explained what I was truly after for part tolerances, Chris suggested that I look Into a Height gage called the Hi_Cal 300. I was very skeptical at first being that it came with what seemed like a hefty price tag. Chris asked me to send down some of my parts and he would take a few video’s proving that a height gage would do what I was looking for. I sent the parts down to him via UPS within two days of sending the parts I get an e-mail from Chris with video’s showing my parts being measured and how the height gage worked. I was astonished at how quick he did this for me and he was correct, a height gage was what we needed. We have since purchased a HI_CAL 300 height gage from Gaging.com . LONG story short Chris Yost and Monty Abrams are both very, very standup guys and their customer service is the best, BAR NONE. Please give Gaging.com a try you will be as shocked as I WAS…

Lee Myrick
B.D.S Waste Disposal INC
Norridgewock, Maine

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