WYLER Electronic Levels

WYLER Electronic Levels
WYLER Levels
WYLER Electronic Levels
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WYLER Electronic Levels started out with the Niveltronic (still available as the NivelSwiss) back in 1970.  Since then, there have been several generations: Minilevel A10 / Leveltronic A40, Zerotronic, Minilevel and Leveltronic NT and now the awesome BlueLEVEL system. WYLER digital levels have steadily increased in their technology over the years and have always led the field in quality and innovation.  The core of the WYLER system is the Archimedes pendulum which is mounted between two differential capacitors.  This measuring elemlent is extremely robust and can withstand shock better than any other pendulum based system, while still retaining extemely high sensitivity.  Contact Gaging.com if you have any further questions. 

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