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WylerDYNAM is ideal to measure and display inclinations, profiles, etc. of static as well as of moving objects. With the WylerDYNAM all sensors and measuring devices of the ZEROTRONIC- and of the BlueSYSTEM- family can be operated. WylerDYNAM samples and analyzes the data of the connected sensors. The user can easily transform the measured values, refer them with each other and display them in various forms.

The integrated software modules simplify a number of measuring tasks without the need of mastering software programming. Simple tasks like computing the difference between two sensors or more sophisticated tasks such as the integrating values can be easily performed. The measured and calculated data can be displayed in numerical or graphical form on a computer monitor; can sent to a connected printer or saved on a hard disc. It is possible to save data in wylerDYNAM in such a way that they can be used to compare different measurements or to combine measurements taken at different times. Furthermore periodical measurements can be performed, which allow long-term monitoring of objects. 

Application SEATRONIC

  • Used successfully together with our SEATRONIC-system to align various platform on vessels, this specific application is already included in wylerDYNAM

​Other Applications

  • Research and development/measurement of road surfaces
  • Ship building/determination of deviations in parallelism
  • Civil engineering/bridge monitoring
  • Print industry/adjustment of stands and printing cylinders
  • Alignment of an injection molding machine with wireless inclination sensors
  • Monitoring of a water intake tower at a dam, historical buildings, high rack warehouses
  • Heeling measurement on a ship
  • Positioning if a heavy part with an overhead crane
  • Horizontal positioning of transportable digital zenith camera
  • Inclination measuring of a satellite during a system test in a temperature vacuum charger
  • Adjustment of a cement oven drive
  • And much, much more!

Software DYNAM II WYLER AG / Tutorial 1 "Connecting a WYLER device and plotting its data" from WYLER AG, Switzerland on Vimeo.

Software DYNAM II WYLER AG / Tutorial 2 "Connecting two WYLER devices and using function elements" from WYLER AG, Switzerland on Vimeo.

Software DYNAM II WYLER AG / Tutorial 3 "Using output elements" from WYLER AG, Switzerland on Vimeo.

Software DYNAM II WYLER AG / Tutorial 4 "Importing stored data" from WYLER AG, Switzerland on Vimeo.


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WylerDYNAM - WylerSOFT Software - Monitoring

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