Coating Thickness Gauges / Paint Thickness Gauges

Coating Thickness Gauges / Paint Thickness Gauges

Phase II brand Coating Thickness Gauges / Paint Thickness Gauges have many uses in the automotive industry.  These portable paint thickness meters are ideal for fast and accurate measurement of a refinished surface or to ensure adequate paint thickness before using an auto detailers high speed buffer/polisher.  Excellent for use at car auctions to determine the paint thickness on a used vehicle; Improper paint thickness can lead to the need of having the car repainted prematurely, costing thousands.

With automatic substrate detection, these paint thickness meters/gages can perform accurate and non-destructive thickness measurements in seconds. Those few seconds can be the difference between making a profit on a vehicle or losing money and valuable time

Buyers of this type of coating thickness gauge/paint meter, would be car dealerships, auto body shops, black book car buyers, insurance inspectors/appraisers, professional car buyers, auto auctions/car auctions, body shop suppliers and any other professional or serious home hobbyist that needs quick, precise paint thickness measurements. 

There are many more applications for Coating Thickness Gages. They can measure paint and other coating types on both steel and aluminum body panels!

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PTG-3500 PHASE II+ Coating Thickness Gage
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PTG-3700 PHASE II+ Coating Thickness Gauge
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PTG-3725 PHASE II+ Coating Thickness Gauge
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PTG-4000 PHASE II+ Digital Coating Thickness Gage
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$495.00 $420.00