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The Brencor DCI-1090 0-1", 0-90º Chamfer Gage is on sale at Gaging.com! Made in the USA!

Simply select the proper I.D. model to measure the top of a bore or O.D.to measure the minor diameter of an external feature like that of conical part or external feature. No setting master is needed! When the plunger is pressed against a flat surface, the gage should read the preset number stamped on the back of the indicator.

Brencor Digi-Chek®: Digital Version, feratures instant measurement, spc output, +/- 1 digit repeatability, easy to read LCD display, inch/metric conversion.

Brencor Chamfer-Check (Analog)
CI-1090 0-1", 90º
CI-2090 1-2", 90º

Brencor Digi-Check (Digital)
DCI-1090 0-1", 90º,
DCI-1027 0-1", 127º
Brencor Chamfer-Check (Analog)
C0-1090 0-1", 90º
Brencor Digi-Check (Digital)
DC0-1090 0-1", 90º


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0-90° 160-1090 Brencor Digital Chamfer Gage Internal 0-1" Range

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